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Carbon Fiber 29 Pole

Regular price $695.00

Reach anchors and targets 29 feet off the ground with this strong and rigid 6 section telescopic pole. 100% Carbon Fiber content in the extending sections. The base handle section has an outer insulated layer for safety. Features side locking tension adjustable clamps that take up a minimum of length. The butt end of the pole comes with a durable cap for supporting the pole on the ground.

The top section clamps onto the 1" diameter post on the ferrule adapter for installing the Boomerope. (Pole-to-Boomerope Adapter is available separately.)

The short collapsed length of this pole keeps the Boomerope tool within reach while the pole is vertical for easy loading and resetting.

Shipping is included.

Extended Length - 28 ft   (29 ft with Boomerope)

Closed Length - 5-1/2 feet   (6-1/2 ft with Boomerope)

Handle Diameter - 1.7 inch dia.