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Around and back again

We provide rope placement products for Tree Care Professionals. Safety is paramount and accessing the best anchors possible is critical. Doing so efficiently saves time, money and frustration. We trust you will enjoy developing many techniques with the BOOMEROPE in your work.

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  • Access the Best Tie-In Point

    Accuracy - You spy the perfect anchor point but what is the chance of hitting it with your throw bag? With the Boomerope, if you can see it and it is within the reach of your pole, you can get the line around the anchor, just where you want it.

  • Send it Out - It Always Comes Back

    Reliability - Do you wonder at the start of the day how much time will be wasted accessing the tree and who is watching you struggle with the rope?  With the Boomerope you get first try success and can get in the tree immediately.

  • Time is Money

    Efficiency - Repeated throws, snags, missed targets, struggling with "dirty" trees steals a lot of time and money. The fast, reliable rope placement provided by the Boomerope will pay for itself many times over. 

  • Levels the Playing Field

    Teamwork -Let's face it. Not everyone on the crew has the same skills when it comes to getting into the tree. The Boomerope is so easy, everyone can be successful setting a rope right away and getting to work.

How it works

The tool is mounted on the end of an extendable pole and raised into position under a branch.

Two arms pass a shuttle around the limb. The end of the rope is attached to the shuttle and follows it around the branch.

Lowering the tool returns the end of the rope back to the user.

This process is flexible and allows the threading of many kinds of rope over, around, and through different obstacles at a distance.

Placing a Friction Saver with the Boomerope


How high can the tool reach?

With our Carbon Fibre 29 pole you can reach the underside of targets 29 feet from the ground. With the line reel mounted 4 feet from the butt end of the pole plus 24 feet of control line plus one foot of tool length, the reach equals 29 feet. With longer poles you can obviously reach higher.

Can you get around branches at any angle?

The head of the tool has a quick adjustment of the angle with the pole with 6 positions allowing you to approach targets that are horizontal all the way to vertical ones.

How much does the tool weigh?

The tool with pole and linereel weighs a total of 10.7 lbs. When you are using the tool vertically, the butt end of the pole is on the ground for support so you are only lifting the tool head (3 lbs), the pole sections above (about 4 lbs) and any rope the pole is carrying. There is also a small amount of tension in the two Linereel control lines that add to the weight.

So the weight varies as you go higher, from 3 lbs at the start to around 10 lbs at the max. Remember you can pause the lift at any time just by closing the clamp on the pole.

What are the main components of the tool?

The tool has three main components, the Boomerope head, the Linereel, and the Pole. The Boomerope head contains the Arms that reach around the target and passes the Shuttle, which carries the line, to the Receiver which grabs and hold the shuttle. The Linereel contains spools of control lines of webbing which are used to extend and return the Arms of the tool. The Linereel keeps these control lines organized.

What is the Cam-Cleat Accessory used for?

When placing heavier line like 1/2" climbing rope, the weight of the rope should be carried by the pole, not by the shuttle in the arm of the Boomerope or the arms may not meet and connect. So the Cam-Cleat accessory is used to temporarily secure the end of the rope at the base of tool. Once the tail of the rope is around the target and the arms retracted with the Shuttle in the Receiver, then the rope comes out of the Cam-Cleat and the pole is retracted pulling the rope back down.

If you are working with light weight throw line the Cam-Cleat may not be necessary.

When can I expect my Pre-Ordered products?

Our target for shipping the first batch of kits is by the end of January. When we ship we'll be sending out individual email notifications to those who pre-ordered; shipping will occur sequentially in the order the pre-order reservation was received. Order volume may impact shipping dates.

Your patience is appreciated. We will be sending out regular updates as production progresses.

Can the tool work on other types of poles?

Yes, the mount of the Boomerope head features two mounting methods. The quick change ferrule connection shown in the photos is most used by arborists. We have also threaded the bore of the mount to accept the common 3/4-5 ACME threads found on most telescopic painting poles, broom handles, etc.

What is the warranty on Boomerope products?

We offer a standard one year parts and labour warranty. But if you are not satisfied for any reason please contact us so we can make it right. We will work something out.

If you love it tell your friends, if you don’t love it please tell us. We want to constantly improve so your feedback helps a lot.

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