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Selecting a Pole

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The Boomerope works on any fixed length or extension pole with a universal thread (this is the standard threaded end you see on broom sticks, telescopic extension poles, etc.). A universal thread is 3/4 – 5 Acme, which means that the outside of the thread is ¾” in diameter and there are 5 threads per inch of thread length.

Our testing showed that the twist lock type of pole was more difficult to operate with the Boomerope than the pin locking type.

The twist lock type of pole requires more effort to lock the sections together. The poles sections rotate relative to one another, putting the Boomerope out of alignment with the line reels. Sometimes the locking collar mechanism would slip, collapsing the pole, when pulling on the control lines.

We have found that the best type of pole for working with the Boomerope is a pin-locking extension pole that has the following features:

A number of brands of poles provide all these features.

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