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Industrial ApplicationsFacility Management ApplicationsRescue and Recovery ApplicationsArboriculture and Forestry ApplicationsTheater / Movie / Show Production ApplicationsEvent Planning ApplicationsHunting and Wildlife Photography ApplicationsClimbing ApplicationsMarine ApplicationsCamping ApplicationsBirding ApplicationsHobby / Household Applications

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Industrial Applications


The Boomerope has many uses in industrial environments, like construction sites where fall protection is important. The Boomerope has many uses in industrial environments, like construction sites where fall protection is important.
  • First-man-up fall protection placement
  • Wire pulling: placement of rope to pull cable over trusses, pipes, beams
  • Tying off ladders before climbing to prevent falls
  • Securing scaffolding
  • Tag line placement to safely control hanging loads
  • Guy line placement to secure tall structures from the effects of wind
  • Lighting placement
  • Tarp placement
  • Signage placement
  • Material retrieval from hard-to-reach places
Facility Management Applications

Facility Management

Performing maintainance on roofs can be a dangerous task.  The Boomerope can secure your ladder and place fall protection for enhanced safety. When perfoming maintenance on an elevator, fall protection is essential.  The Boomerope provides an easy way to strategically place the fall protection you need.
  • Fall protection placement
  • Wire pulling: placement of a rope for pulling cable over trusses, pipes, or beams
  • Placement of signage, banners, projection screens
  • Decorative lighting placement in rafters and trees
  • In schools and community centers: gymnasium decoration placement
  • Elevator installation and maintenance
  • Trash removal from hard-to-reach places
Rescue and Recovery Applications

Rescue and Recovery

Water rescue is dangerous, especially in moving water.  The Boomerope can be used to secure objects before they are carried away and to reach victims to pull them to safety.  It enables rescuers to reach first as recommended in "Reach, Throw, Row, Go."
  • High angle rescue or recovery
  • Fast water rescue or recovery
  • Ice rescue or recovery
  • Unconscious victim rescue
  • Impassable void rescue or recovery
  • Trapped animal rescue from a safe distance
  • Securing debris or removing it at accident/disaster sites
  • Vehicle tie-off from a safe position
  • Tag line placement on dangerous objects in high wind
Arboriculture and Forestry Applications

Arboriculture and Forestry

The Boomerope can be used to support trees with guy lines for protection against tree loss due to high winds. As well as providing setup for fall protection, the Boomerope can place rope saws, allowing you to cut limbs and branches from the ground.  The Boomerope can also set up lowering ropes for lowering heavy cuttings to the ground. Heavy snow can seriously damage trees if left in place.  The Boomerope can set up ropes that make an easy job of shaking snow from overhead branches.
  • Fall protection placement
  • Rope saw placement for pruning
  • Guy line placement for new trees or for protection against tree loss
    due to high winds
  • Tag line placement for felling dead trees safely
  • Palm frond removal
  • Insect trap placement
  • Marking of high limbs for removal, pruning, treatment
  • Suspending planters in atriums (plantscaping)
  • Lighting placement
  • Ice storm recovery: shake ice from trees and structures
Theater / Movie / Show Production Applications

Theater / Movie / Show Production

The Boomerope can be used to secure a ladder, or better, it can allow you to work from the ground.  You can place a rope to pull cable over structures and perform other tasks, like raising lighting equipment, involved in stage setup.
  • Contemporary circus fall protection placement
  • Positioning and securing theatrical sets
  • Securing ladders, stands, scaffolds
  • Placement of overhead rigs and props
  • Lighting placement
  • Wire pulling: placement of rope for pulling cable over trusses, pipes, or beams
  • Placement of rigging to assist participants with physical disabilities
  • Tag lines on suspended equipment, for enhanced control
Event Planning Applications

Event Planning

The Boomerope is the perfect tool for hanging streamers, flag strings, area markers, and banners at parties and other events − indoors and outside.
  • Signage and banner placement
  • Placement of overhead area markers
  • Lighting and decoration placement
  • Rigging or placement of wire or cables out of reach and sight
  • Projection screen placement
  • Guy lines on screens and tall speaker stands, to withstand wind gusts
  • Securing remote camera placements
  • Removal of hazards or trash in trees
Hunting and Wildlife Photography Applications

Hunting and Wildlife Photography

Eliminate the chance of an accidental fall while climbing or dozing in a tree stand by using your Boomerope to place fall protection first.
  • Fall protection placement for tree-stand users
  • Placement of game cameras
  • Blind placement
  • Placement of hunting gambrel or catch
  • Food cache placement
  • Tarp or clothesline placement
  • Bait placement
Climbing Applications


With the Boomerope, top-ropes can be threaded through anchors at the top of a climbing wall while the user remains safely on the ground, eliminating the danger of being the first man up, and eliminating the need for scaffolding, ladders, or lifts.
  • First-man-up fall protection placement
  • Rope placement through a climbing wall or rock face anchor point for top-roping
  • Allows complete removal of ropes when climbing wall activity area is closed
  • Signage placement
Marine Applications

Marine Applications

It can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous to enter water to retrieve and remove debris.  The Boomerope can thread a rope around and through an object even underwater, so you can get that bicycle out of the water. It's sometimes a dock master or dock hand's job to retrieve the car keys that were dropped off the dock in addition to the regular tasks of docking, fueling, cleaning, and maintaining.  The Boomerope can make some tasks a little easier.
  • Placement of flags, signage, banners, and lighting
  • A handy tool for a dock master or dock hand
  • Retrieve objects from the water
  • Environmental waterway cleanup (pallets, tires,
    shopping carts, bicycles, etc.)
Camping Applications


Camping can be fun for the whole family, especially when you know your food cache is safely up a tree and the tarp overhead will keep you dry and warm.  The Boomerope can help with this and more. The Boomerope helps you hang a tarp properly without damaging any trees.
  • Tarp placement in many kinds of trees, high enough for proper drainage,
    without any damage to trees due to climbing.
  • Food cache placement up high
  • Safe clothesline placement
  • Lighting placement
  • Guy line placement for windy campsites
Hanging a tarp well is difficult when you can only hang it from as high as you can reach.  With the Boomerope, you can reach as high as you like, enabling you to set up a tarp wherever you like. Top
Birding Applications


Hanging a birdfeeder may seem easy, but did you know that most birdfeeders are not installed properly, well out of the reach of bears and other animals?  The Boomerope can help you make sure that your birdfeeder is properly installed, all while keeping your feet safely on the ground.
  • Proper placement of birdfeeders
  • Blind placement
  • Placement of nature monitors
  • Decoy placement
  • Fall protection placement
  • Tarp or temporary shelter placement
Hobby / Household Applications

Hobby / Household

Decoration goes to new heights with the Booomerope because it allows you to hang nearly anything at the height you want it. Piñatas are a lot more fun when they hang from something high enough to be able to lift them out of reach of the player.  The Boomerope lets you thread a rope around the branch of a tree, making the perfect piñata party.
  • Ham radio operators: placement of remote antennaes
  • Gardeners: creation of temporary greenhouses
  • Parents: safe placement of piñatas for parties, and tree swings
  • Hosts: placement of balloons, banners, etc. to decorate the outdoors
    for parties
  • Decorators: placement of lights in trees (Christmas lights, lanterns, etc.)
  • Decorators: installation of hanging flower baskets
  • Homeowners: trash retrieval from high tree limbs
  • Homeowners: removal of dead tree limbs, rope saw placement for
    simple pruning
  • Homeowners: lassoing high tree limbs to shake off heavy snow

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